Our team and partners work together to support people to thrive, be happy and contribute their unique strengths and abilities. We want to see a collaborative approach to a sustainable and equitable future.

For the Individual

Navigating (self)Employment CoLab

We work with individuals through a range of learning modalities. Focusing on collaboration, Navigating (self)Employment projects offer work-related experience and connection.

By the end of a CoLab you will have:

  • Tools and resources that lead toward meaningful work;
  • A good understanding of workplace rights, value and expectations in business and the work environment; and
  • A strong plan and connections to help you achieve your work goals.
For the Organisation

Research, data, story-telling & reporting

Do you collect data and do not get the chance to analyse it, or use it? Do you have systems and processes in place that make it easy to measure and monitor your work? Are you optimising your value i.e. unique offerings; staff; clients; suppliers; experience?

Let us help you identify and fill in the gaps: from research, development, implementation, evaluation and sustainability. We do what it takes to get to know your organisation and stakeholders, we seek out ways of working efficiently, effectively and having fun along the way.

As an added bonus, a portion of our income goes toward educational projects for young people.


Business – Government – Community Collaborations

Redwoods Work Collaborative is part of a super group that collectively has decades of practice wisdom and experience in working with young people and diverse communities through co-design, creation and support in policy, advocacy and community development. Hand over your employee or market challenges and let us work with you to turn them into your strengths!

Why Collaborate

What collaborators say

Redwoods Work Collaborative may be a new enterprise, but the people working with us are established and trusted partners. The diversity of our connections is our power and here are some people you may be working with . . .

  • I am pleased to recommend Redwoods Work Collaborative. Tania is very proactive in dealing with problems and potential issues and is a natural leader. She has strong attention to detail especially with youth, problem solving and great critical thinking skills. Able to keep a group feeling positive even under pressure, Tania is an exemplary 21st century leader who builds relationships and values wherever she goes. Her willingness to help and passionate to see people succeed, made her a true asset to anyone who are lucky to have meet her.

    Bill Yan
    Bill Yan Radio Show Host & Community Service Operations Manager
  • I have worked with Tania on multiple youth, multicultural and community projects through the formative years of my career. Tania was and continues to be, an amazing support person for me in my personal and professional growth. She is dedicated to career development and training, and has an amazing insight into how individuals navigate experiences and absorb information, making her an incredible asset in networking and training. She is supportive, engaging, committed, and most importantly, passionate. I absolutely trust in every endeavour Tania takes, and look forward to seeing the real value and growth that she creates in communities and in individuals through Redwoods Work Collaborative!

    Grace Thomas
    Grace Thomas Senior Customer Experience at Modibodi
  • I had the pleasure of working with Tania on a local youth committee. Her ability to build meaningful relationships and aptitude for collaborative networking allowed her to bring my ideas to life, empowering me to see the difference young people can make in the community. Tania has an admirable passion for encouraging others to grow, and then creating development opportunities to enable this. Working with Tania helped equip me with the communication and networking skills I needed to secure my first industry work experience. I have no doubt that Redwoods Work Collaborative will allow many others to benefit from Tania’s incredible skillset like I have!

    Ashley University Student
  • I have worked with Tania on a few initiatives and she has always been incredibly dedicated, passionate, and professional. With her leadership and expertise at the helm, I look forward to seeing the success of Redwood's work in building young people's capacity in our communities.

    Jenny Tang
    Jenny Tang Community Development Officer
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