Our Vision

Empowered communities that collaborate and succeed financially, socially and environmentally – a whole of community approach.

Our Purpose

To connect and empower the individual, organisations and communities through: enhancing access to meaningful work; implementing inclusive and evidence-based systems; and facilitating influential connections.

We do this by:

  • Creative and innovative learning opportunities
  • Experimenting with business models and other ways of monetising
  • Facilitating partnerships where all are accountable
  • Making collecting data and evidence-based decisions easy
  • Having fun learning, evolving and measuring as we go

Our Objectives

  • Enhance employability and create pathways toward meaningful work
  • Support people and organisations to be mentally resilient and connected
  • Work towards a resilient and sustainable economy (starting locally)

Our Approach

  • Learn from the beneficiary(ies) their needs and wish list
  • Gather diverse stakeholders and establish a strategy
  • Embed monitoring and evaluation in all that we do
  • Create project plan and set the groundwork for implementation and measurement
  • Implement through a range of adult educational learning including communities of practice, mentoring and peer support
  • Exlpore and share key elements that enable sustainability and agility for the long term
  • Scale back support to enable the beneficiary(ies) to thrive
  • Continue to grow connections
What makes us different

Our values

Authenticity: be true to who we are and take responsibility for our decisions.

Accountability: own our decisions and communicate expectations with clarity.

Adaptability: be patient, measured and proactive, and be comfortable with change.

Project Principles

Coordination of services, projects and partnerships will work under Community led development principals adapted from www.inspiringcommunities.org.nz

Grow from shared local visions

With beneficiaries at the centre, cultivate a sense of ownership and support amongst communities and networks.

Build from strengths

Beneficiaries are the experts. Every stakeholder has an equal and valuable contribution.

Work with diverse people and sectors

Proactively seek out and involve people who are hidden or unsupported. Encourage connections between people and groups that may not usually work together.

Grow collaborative local leadership

Seek out true champions who demonstrate an inclusive and cohesive focus. Value different approaches.

Learn by doing

Plan and work adaptively. Use data and insights to measure impact. Celebrate change and embrace small steps for transformational change.

Team Members

Meet our team

We do things differently at Redwoods Work Collaborative – our team are our collaborators. As a work in progress, we wish to acknowledge the diverse, talented and professional champions that have supported the founder to form the Redwoods’ concept into a reality. We are working on a Collaborators page however, to begin with, please meet our foundational team.

Read more about the Redwoods Work Collaborative origin here.

Help us accelerate the change we seek.